In order to ensure the safety of students and staff, it is required that fob access requests generally come from the school’s treasurer, AP, principal, or in some cases another member of admin designated by the principal.  Please speak to the authorized person at your school to help you have a request submitted using a ticket.



Fobs distribution, requests, and activation are an important part of school safety.  It is important that the school safety department be properly informed of the details of the assigned person and their access level. This also helps us prevent identification mistakes caused when staff members have the same or similar names.  Please provide the following for all requests:

First Name                                     

Last Name

Email address

GCS payroll number (if available as this is now required by Human Resources)

Fob number (first 5 digits on the back of the fob)

Access level or job title

Note: Admin access level requires an alarm code assignment.  If an alarm code has not yet been assigned to the person, please, first input a request for an alarm code, then enter the fob assignment request once that is completed. 




If you need more blank fobs, submit a ticket to request more fobs. The fobs are sent via courier in quantities of 10.