If you have forgotten or never received a copier/MFP PIN for the Kyocera devices, you can generate a new PIN online.

**To generate a new PIN you will need to be connected to the GCS network.

**New PINs can take up to one hour to be pushed to all copiers/MFPs.

1. In your Internet browser go to http://725-MPSControl:8080. The login screen will appear.

2. Enter your GCS username (do not enter @gcsnc.com) and GCS password. Click  Log In .

3. Under User profile, click  Generate PIN . If User profile does not appear, click Add Gadget in upper right of screen and then select User Profile.

4. You will receive a confirmation message. If you continue, your old PIN will no longer work.

5. Click  OK . Your new PIN will display in a message box. Make note of your PIN. Click  OK .

6. Click Log out at the top of the screen.