As students move between cohorts and/or between face-to-face and remote learning, their Hybrid Schedule in CrisisGo iPass must be edited.

1. Open the CrisisGo Dashboard at

2. Press Sign In With SSO.

3. Enter your GCS email address.

4. If prompted, enter your GCS email again and enter password.

5. On this screen, select Tools.

6. Select Safety CheckIn.

7. Press the down-arrow beside tools.

8. Select Safety iPass.

9. Under Student Pre-Visit Certification, press the ellipsis. Select Manage Hybrid Schedule in the drop-down.

10. You will your school's students. You can search by name, and filter by grade.

11. Press the pencil icon next to the student you wish to edit.

12. Select the days the student will be attending face-to-face and press OK.

13. You have edited this student's attendance days.