This article is for GCS staff use only.

This article is for Elementary School use only. Middle and High should refer to CrisisGo - Edit Student Contact Email for Middle and High Schools

Student contact emails where originally loaded from PowerSchool. However, updates are currently disabled due to state data changes.

You will need to edit student contact emails within CrisisGo.

Step 1. Go to CrisisGo - Admin Dashboard.


Step 2. Click on Sign In With SSO.


Step 3. Enter your GCS email address and click Continue. (If asked to sign in, enter your GCS email and password and click Sign In.)

You will be taken to the CrisisGo dashboard.  

Step 4. In the building drop down, select your school. Use the School Name, not the School Number. You will have to scroll down through the numbers.

Step 5. In the Name Search box, enter the last name of the student you want to work with and click the magnifying glass. 

Step 6. The Primary Guardian Name and Primary Guardian Email are the first email sent. The Secondary Guardian Name and Email is the second email sent. You will see below that Fulcher has no Secondary Guardian listed.

Step 6. To enter or edit the Primary or Secondary Guardian Name and Email, click the pencil icon in the Action column. In the Edit Student window you can enter the Primary or Secondary Guardian Name and Email.

Step 7. Click Save. You have edited this student's contact information.