1. Select the items that you want to copy, and then click Copy to. Or, choose More >Copy to for the item. These options will not show until you select an item.

2. Under Choose a destination, select the location where you want a copy of the files, folders, or links. If you are copying to a different site or subsite and do not see it listed, click Browse sites to see the full list of sites to which you can copy.

3. To create a new folder to copy the files to, select a location in the folder hierarchy (in this example, Current Library has been selected) and click New folder.

4. Type the name of the new folder in the text box.

5. Click the check mark, and then click Copy here.


1. Select the items you want to move.

2. In the menu at the top of the page, click Move to. If you don't see Move to, click the ellipsis (vertical dots) on the main menu, and then click Move to.

3. In the Choose a destination pane, select the new location in the document library where you want the files to go and click Move here.