When you are working with a Document Library that needs to have unique permissions, you will need to give permissions to all that are involved. Once you do this, you will be able to work with the documents/folders inside the Document Library and give even more unique permissions. However, make sure the entire Document Library is given at least “READ” access to everyone that has anything to do with the folders inside. Once you do this, you can work with the documents/folders inside the Document Library and give permissions for each school, person, etc.

1. Click on the Document Library you are working with on the left.

2. Click the Gear (Tools) icon on the right.

3. Click Library settings.

4. Click Permissions for this document library.

5. Click Stop Inheriting Permissions to set custom permissions.

6. Click  OK.

7. You will now have new menu items: Delete unique permissions, Grant Permissions, Edit User Permissions and Remove User Permissions.

8. To give other employees permission to view the Document Library, click Grant Permissions and add them.



10. Uncheck Send an email invitation so everyone will not get an email.

11. Type person’s name in the top box and a list of names, that may be correct, will be listed. Select the person’s name you want to have permissions. You can keep adding more people in this section.

12. Click on the drop-down arrow under Select a permission level and make the appropriate selection for the person or the group of people you are inviting.

13. After you are finished adding all users, click on Share.

14. On the Permissions page, you can Refresh (F5) and see the names of the people you added.

15. Once you have finished adding the people who will need access to the Document Library, you can then go inside the Document Library and set up permissions for the documents or folders within the Document Library. The documents/folders within the Document Library will now have the same permissions as what you have given the Document Library.