1. Go to your Department/School SharePoint site and locate the Document Library you want to share and click.


2. In the right hand corner of the page, click on Share.

3. Check to see if the person you are sharing the Document Library with does not already have

access. Click on Shared with.

4. If the person does not have access, click on Invite people.

5. Click on Show Options.

6. If you want an email invitation to be sent, please check the box beside Send an email invitation and enter a personal message to let the person know what you are sharing with them. If you do not want an email to be sent, uncheck the box.

7. Select the appropriate permission in the Select a permission level drop-down. Note: Each Department has certain groups (Members, Owners, Visitors) and specific permission levels you can give a person if you do not want to put them in a department group. Select the permission level you want the user to have for this particular document library.

8. Click in the top box and type the person’s last name (if you know the correct spelling of the first name, enter it as lastname, firstname).


9. Select the person’s name. If you are sharing with more than one person, with the same permission levels, you may type the other name and select it. It will populate a list of users.

10. After all users have been selected, click the Share button.

• If you checked “Send an email invitation”, the user will get the email letting them know they have access to the Document Library.

• This is also the process for sharing the Calendar on the Department SharePoint website. Make sure you click on the word Calendar to open the actual calendar, before trying to share it with other users.