Steps for Requesting a MiFi Hotspot for a Student 

1. School identifies the need for a MiFi Hotspot. (Principals, Asst. Principals, and SSOs ONLY are allowed to create requests.)

2. Open Student MiFi Hotspot Request Form:

3. Enter Student ID and press Get Student. 

4. Student information will be pulled from records and the student and address will be checked. If the correct student is not loaded, press New Student Check to enter a new Student ID.

5. Student and address will be checked to ensure no duplicates are issued. A message will appear with the results of the check. 

A MiFi Hotspot has already been assigned to this student. 


A MiFi Hotspot has already been assigned to this address. 


Student nor address has been assigned a MiFi Hotspot.

6. If a MiFi Hotspot has not previously been assigned to this Student or Address, a button to Request Hotspot will appear.

7. After pressing Request Hotspot, you will be prompted to click Ok, and a new browser tab will open with a FreshService Request. Select the school and fill in the student ID. Check the 24-hour fulfillment acknowledgment. Press Place Request.

  • 7a. For re-assignment requests, type in the new student ID and use the verbiage “Re-assign hotspot from student ID 123456 to this student” as pictured below.


8. Request will be submitted. Technology Services will inventory and assign a MiFi Hotspot to the requested student within 24 hours of a request being submitted. An e-mail will be sent for each hotspot requested when it is ready for pickup.