To manage the School Generic Voicemail Box

1. Go to

2. Click the Staff circle towards the middle to right side of the webpage.

3. Click Office 365 Login – EMAIL and OneDrive.

4. Click Sign-in.

5. Click Outlook.

6. Left click your initials near the top right corner.

7. Select Open another mailbox.

8. Enter the vmail account name – where XXX is your Site number.

9. Click Open.

10. A new tab will open to give you access to check message left during the day for the school’s generic voicemails.

To forward messages

1. Double click message to bring it forward or click on the forward arrow (button pointing to the 3 dots).

2. Click the elipsis (3 dots) near the Discard at the top of the email.

3. Click Show From.

4. Use the scroll bar to move to the top of the email.

5. Click the From button (you will have to do this for each of the messages).

6. Click Other email address.

7. Enter your email address.

8. Enter the address of the individual that you wish to forward the message to in the To section. 

9. Click Send.