Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator Overview

The Cisco Unity Greeting Administrator allows you to manage Call Handler greetings from any phone. By using the Cisco Greetings Administrator, you can do the following tasks:

• Record a new Call Handler greeting

• Enable or disable the alternate greeting for a Call Handler

• Determine which greeting is currently active for a Call Handler.

For example, if your office is unexpectedly closed because of bad weather, you can access the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator from home to enable the Alternate Opening Greeting and record it to state that the office is closed.

Each Principal and designated staff will be given ownership of their schools’ Call Handler. The Call Handler is what a caller would hear if their call is not answered by school staff. This ownership allows the assigned owners the ability to manage call handler greetings.

Cisco Unity Call Handler owners have the ability to modify five (5) greetings within Cisco Unity—Standard, Busy, Closed, Internal, and Alternate. However, due to the array of School & Central Office workday schedules, at this time we only use Standard and Alternate greetings.

Although you will have the ability to re-record your Standard Greeting, we ask that you keep in mind the arrangement of the options. This arrangement can only be modified by a VoIP/IP Telephony Administrator. If you choose to rerecord the Standard Greeting, please make sure your recording matches the options available. Example: If your data manager is listed as option 3, please make sure your re-recorded greeting matches.

Accessing Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator

To access the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator, the owner of the Call Handler will need the following information:

• The phone number to dial for access to the Cisco Unity Greeting Administrator (schools main published number)

• The Call Handler owners personal Voicemail ID number.

• The Call Handler owners personal Voicemail pin number.

• The extension of the Call Handler (schools main published number).

To prevent unauthorized access to Cisco Unity, make sure the Call Handler owner understands that the above information should be kept confidential.

To use the Cisco Unity Greetings Administrator to Manage Call Handler Greetings:

1. From any phone call your schools main published number.

2. When the Call Handler picks up, press the * key anytime during the greeting.

3. At the prompt, enter your personal Voicemail ID number and press #.

4. At the prompt, enter your personal Voicemail pin number and press #.

5. At the prompt, enter the extension of the call handler (schools main published number).

6. Press option 6 to modify the Alternate Greeting.

7. Follow the prompts to record and play the Alternate Greeting. Note: At the end of your greeting notify the caller to remain on the line to leave a message in the schools general voicemail.

8. Once you are satisfied with your greeting, press * to return to the Main Menu.

9. Once you have returned to the Main Menu, Press option 1 to turn the Alternate Greeting on.

10. Hang up.

To turn off the Alternate Greeting and revert back to the Standard Greeting follow Steps 1 - 5 above and follow the prompts.

Reminder: You must remember to turn off the Alternate Greeting once you have returned to your regular schedule. 

Turning on your Schools General Voicemail Account—Alternate Greeting

Internal Access:

1. From any Cisco IP Phone press the MESSAGE button.

2. Press the * key.

3. Enter the Voicemail ID number for your schools General Voicemail Account. Commonly referred to as your Vmail Acct.

4. Key in the Voicemail (Vmail) Account pin number.

5. Press option 4—Setup Options.

6. Press option 1—Greetings.

7. Press option 2—Turn on your Alternate Greeting.

8. Press option 1—Set an End Date.

9. Press option 9—Month/Day.

10. Follow directions/prompts.

11. Press 1 to rerecord your Alternate Greeting.

12. Once complete press * to exit

13. Hang up.

Note: Please be sure to mention to the caller during your greeting to remain on the line if they wish to leave a message with the general voicemail account. Also, include the option to press “0” to return to the main menu.

External Access:

1. Dial 379-2309 and Select Option 1.

2. Follow steps 3 - 13 above.