District-supported video conferencing platforms approved by GCS:
  1. Microsoft Teams (recommended) - Microsoft Teams is a district-supported, free video conferencing platform that can be connected to Canvas and your Outlook Calendar. Users can create meetings and share the meeting link with students in your Canvas course. Teams supports meeting recording

  2. Canvas ConferencesCanvas Conferences is a district-supported conferencing platform built directly into Canvas. Canvas Conferences can be recorded, but the recording is only available for 2-weeks for post-viewing.
  3. Skype for Business. This is district-supported, built-in software on your computer. Meeting scheduling and link sharing is similar to MS Teams. 

What is NOT supported and approved by GCS:
  1. Zoom -  GCS does not currently support the use of Zoom with students and families. A Zoom for Education subscription has not been purchased, which is needed to maintain adherence to federal guidelines on student privacy. GCS provides 3 other alternatives (above) that should be used.

  2. Go To Meeting -  This is not supported by GCS for use with students and families.

  3. Google Meet or Google Hangout - Students do not have access to this feature.

Please be sure to reach out to your Blended Learning Specialist if you have specific questions about Teams, Canvas Conferences, or Skype for Business.